Packing & Labor Services

You’re doing enough by planning your departure and arrival to your new destination. Allow us to take the weight off your shoulders’ doing the physical labor.


Packing your boxes and fragile items can always be stressful and worrisome. Our team of all trained professionals take care of each valuable with awareness. There is never the same piece of furniture, every move is different. We provide our staff a training course on how our company handles packing boxes and wrapping furniture.


All of our moves include loading and unloading proficiency. After everything in the home is all packed and wrapped, ready for safe movement, we start to pack the truck. When packing a truck Bridgeview works in tiers, starting with heavy furniture items as bases and stacking everything from floor to ceiling making sure there is no movement while in transport. We strap every 5 feet in the truck.


When it is time to unload, the first thing we do is make sure there is protective padding where needed in the home and map out each room so everything transitions inside smoothly. While your possessions are being brought inside, it helps us out alot if you’re there working as a guide for our crew, showing them where you’d like each individual piece placed.

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We are now offering Virtual Estimates. Call in today to set up a virtual estimate with one of our team members. Also if it is easier for you, scan your residence with video and send it into and we will give you a call with your detailed quote.

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